When to Get a Booth / by Brandon Driesse

Momin “Nine-words” Khan from Root 76 games joins me for some meaningful discussion. I actually met Momin a few months prior at MAGfest and played his game Clash Cup Turbo(which I was actually already on the mailing list for during Alpha) and attended an interesting panel he did on the importance of game jams. Now our new best friend, Momin, may be an indie game developer, but he did not get a booth for PAX East. You could click the video to find out why or read on.

You may have guessed a big issue with getting a booth is the cost; we’ve talked about it plenty already and will do so much more. There is a way to circumvent that cost though, all you need to do is get into a joint booth with Megabooth, Minibooth, PAX 10, Playcrafting(which we’ll discuss in a later video), etc. Be careful however, PAX strictly prohibits registering for a booth and then sharing it with other developers, you must register together.

As it stands Clash Clup Turbo(Root 76’s four year project) is almost complete. Where Tribute games might suggest taking the time and money to showcase the game and slide into that small window of focus the gaming community will give you, Momin counters with an equally logical approach. The team justifies the cost of conventions by using player-feedback that they observe like safari guides and put that information into bettering their game. Clash Cup Turbo is past the point of needing player feedback and requires final polish. Renting a booth at PAX East would net the game little new feedback and ultimately display a slightly worse version than the build that would release several months later.

The bottom line is this, and Momin says it best: “going to PAX East costs as much as going to four other conventions. PAX East is great to be at, but is it better than showing at four other conventions around the world?” I love PAX East, there’s a special place reserved in my heart for all the memories, troubles, trials and tribulations I face yearly with my closest friends to have a blast. I will not be renting a booth myself for Scarecrow Arts this year(maybe something closer).

Brandon Driesse Creative Director