Pricing Games is a Group Effort / by Brandon Driesse

I had a great time meeting Terry, it was exciting to see such a notable dev on my games radar and have a chance to talk to him; which is partly what led to an awkward start of an interview. At first we talked about what it’s like to go from solo dev to a big group project and pricing the game accordingly. Then I realized there was a whole big mutual topic we could discuss in great detail in working in open source game engines. We had a similar interview with Super Slime Arena with a different perspective here. Unfortunately when I came back to re-record the next day Terry did in fact catch the con bug and wasn’t able to speak, so here we have this interview: the last of Dev Talks this year!

Instead of writing out a full article of what we discussed outside the cameras being on, I’d like to talk about the future of our series of Dev Talks. We hope to continue making this content and make both higher quality and many more interviews overall with the help of some media badges from the PAX Team next year at PAX East 2020. Video will continue regardless, turnaround time on the production will increase, but getting those badges will make scheduling interviews easier and allow us more opportunities to conduct said interviews while the exhibition is closed off to most attendees in the early morning.