Mouth Shapes Changelog


Version 1.0 - January 28th 2018

  • Removed the dropdown menu to change the label color of MS comps(it was a pretty useless feature for almost all scenarios, we left the default to fuschia)
  • Removed the need to extract an icons folder alongside the script and converted buttom images to binary string data for a more compact package, shout out to @adamplouff for lending some critical code toward making this happen
  • Minor user experience bugfixing and quality of life improvements

    Version 0.25 - December 26th 2017

    • Fixed some miscellaneous alerts
    • Fixed a bug that changed the composition window when the comp viewer was locked
    • Fixed a bug that created an MS comp with a duration less than its parent comp
    • Now allows the user to open multiple control panels with just one click

      Version 0.21 - November 20th 2017

      • Toggle Multiple Layers using Control Panel Buttons
      • Auto-crops to largest Layer Size
      • Vectors retain quality on Stretching
      • Layers remain editable within the Main Comp
      • Dropdown List allows for the user to change the Label Color of Main and Sub Comps
      • Users can name their Main Comp; defaults to "Mouth Shapes"
      • The script scales to a near infinate number of layers(though not advised)
      • User can re-open a closed or missing Control Panel
      • Window de-focuses after button press so suer can use hotkeys to scrub throug the timeline
      • Users can have multiple Mouth Shapes Comps open at once with their own control panel